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The Designers



We are designers, travelers, entrepreneurs, and inventors of some really cool jackets and vests. We saw a need for well designed travel outerwear. We wanted to create jackets and vests with great fabrics, great design, and an unbeatable price. 

We have been designing fashion for many years. Frans Baviera won his first designer Award in Paris in 1984…he was 19 years old! We have since been designing for numerous celebrities and dignitaries, including Queen Sofía of Spain. We have been selling our designs in San Francisco, Washington D.C, Miami and New York City for over 15 years.

Before creating the Bjacket we designed jackets for pilots, photographers, executives, professional skiers… We are passionate about Bjacket’s unique pockets in order to carry gadgets, or everyday objects. Mimi loves not having to carry a purse, especially when traveling. We both feel safe from pickpockets when wearing our Bjackets.

But not everything is about pockets! Style is also very important. Our background as fashion designers can be appreciated when you try on one of our jackets or vests. We take great pride in perfecting the patterns and designs.

Mimi is American and Frans is from Barcelona. Together we have been working around the world including Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Rome, San Francisco, and New York.

We are a family run business located in Arizona. Please contact us if you have any questions- we answer all emails! Thanks for your support!