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How can the Bjacket help me?
1.   Convenience: The Bjacket has pockets to carry anything you would put in a purse or a backpack. No more stuffing your pant pockets with keys, phone, wallet, pen, sunglasses, etc. Your neck and/or back won't hurt from carrying a purse or backpack.
2.   Safety: Pickpocket safe! There's even a secret hidden pocket. You don't have to carry a purse or backpack that can be pulled off your shoulder or cut open.
3.   Ease of travel: Take it off and put it right in the bin to go through airport security. Carry all of your travel documents in one of the pockets to have easy access. Include your favorite magazine or newspaper when filling your bjacket. Or your tablet or e-reader- it'll fit!
Why does the Bjacket have 8-10 pockets instead of 20-30 or more pockets?
We believe that it is not about how many pockets there are, but about well designed pockets to make your life easy. If you have too many pockets, you can't find anything! We have tested all of the pocket placements and designs- you will find everything easily, and you will find that the jackets are so convenient!
Why are you offering such a big guarantee?
We believe in the quality of our product,and we want you to be a lifelong customer. We have a very generous policy- check it out! We want YOU to be happy!
Can the Bjacket be worn over a suit jacket?
Is the Bjacket heavy?
NO! We studied the pattern to make it as lightweight as possible, so you can carry as much as possible!
How do I clean a Bjacket?
Don't worry, the fabrics were chosen to be very resistant. If you get a little stain, try some soap and water on a cloth or sponge.  For a more thorough cleaning take it to the dry cleaners.
Is the Bjacket water resistant?
YES!, and stain resistant.
How warm are the Bjackets?
In the product description of every jacket you have the answer, but we have designs for every need.
What about going through airport security?
It's extremely convenient, just drop the jacket into the bin .You don't have to take anything but computer devices out of the pockets. It's that easy!
How can I save on baggage fees at the airport?
Since so much can fit in a Bjacket you might get away with not checking a bag!
Is the Bjacket designed mostly for travelling or can I wear it every day?
You will see by the stylish designs that you can wear the jacket to the office, out to dinner, traveling...prey much any occasion.
I don't like to always have to carry a purse. Can the Bjacket eliminate the purse?
Absolutely,good sensation of freedom.