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Top 10 Art Galleries in Santa Fe, NM

Posted by Mimi Maloney on

It's impossible in one trip to see everything when travelling to Santa Fe, but you do want to at least hit at least a few of the top galleries. If you don't make a plan, it can be easy to get lost in the kitschy, trinket shops and galleries that ruin the true essence of Santa Fe. 

This is my personal list of the top 10 contemporary art galleries, and I'm sure it will change every time I go back! 


If you want to really experience the contemporary art scene, head down to the "Santa Fe Railyard District". This is where top decorators from around the world source for clients. Unlike the traditional Santa Fe architecture on Canyon Rd. "The Railyard" is a conglomeration of warehouse-style galleries with high ceilings and large spaces, perfect for showcasing contemporary art. It's worth the trek! There are of course many contemporary galleries in town and on Canyon Road. This list is not in order of preference. On my last visit to Santa Fe though, Nuart had the best offerings. Have fun! Happy Travels!

1. Evoke

2. William Siegal

3. Blue Rain

4. Tai Modern

6. Manitou

7. Nuart Gallery

8. Meyer Gallery

9. Hunter Kirkland

10. Chiaroscuro

Here's an artist that won't leave you indifferent! Name: Donald Roller Wilson. If I could, I would buy his works. One day they will be worth a lot of money. They are CRAZY surreal! Maybe I love his work so much because I spent so many years in Barcelona, Spain, and he reminds me of Dali. Check out his trippy web site Click here

I love photographing artists with their works, and surprisingly, I encounter them often. Below I have Alvin Gil Tapia in front of one of his paintings. I saw Alvin at the Manitou Gallery and asked him to pose. He's such a nice guy, and so talented.

Below is a photo of the previous Blue Rain gallery space, but you can see some of their works. They also represent my good friend artist Roseta Santiago.